Friday, February 29, 2008

{heather is going GREEN}

Well, I think it is never too late for a new years resolution. So I have decided that it is time, long overdue, to go GREEN! I have been inspired by so many things lately all pointing me in this direction so here we go! I am hoping that blogging about it will keep me on track and also give me a few tips from anyone who reads this and wants to share.

One of the more recent inspirations for doing this was from a friend of mine, Amy Squires. Check out her website, she is an amazing photographer! She is also has an awesome blog and on one of her posts I read about this cool book that I am totally getting as soon as it hits th
e shelves, here it is:

I thought this post was so cool and really started thinking about doing it too. My lifestyle has always been somewhere along this line anyways but it is so easy to be lazy! For instance, my excuse for using plastic grocery bags is that I do have 2 dogs, who go on lots of walks, and in turn, recycle those bags! But it got to the point that not even my dogs could use all those. So I started thinking about using paper bags instead...but it turns out that those harm the environment far worse than the plastic, go figure. So today, I we go, Green 2008.

At the grocery store I decided to take it a few steps further and go Green in laundry and dishwasher detergent...don't you just love Trader Joe's?

And, since I love the smell of fresh lavender and hate using all those fabric dryer sheets (so wasteful!) I found these cool pouches that you can use up to 10 times! Did you know that lavender is also a natural bug repellent? This is great news for me considering that bugs love to bite me. Here it is:

So I guess I looked a little crazy when my husband came home to find me snapping pictures of our laundry soap! But hey, he should be used to that by now:)

My next thing I want to learn about is cleaning supplies that don't have chemicals in them. I heard vinegar works miracles...if anyone has a comment or tip for me I would love to hear it!


weddingchicks said...

go heather go!! that's awesome! geez, i really need to go grocery shopping!
love your blog!v

amysquires said...

ok, it's amy again. i signed in to leave a post and it got all messed up! i a so happy that you are going green! that is awesome! you have inspired me to go grocery shopping!!

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea....things can get really wasteful with three freakin kids! So I am going to look into this stuff too:) I love Trader Joes too....
Love the new blog and the SITE so cool! Great way to get inside the head of Heather.....Miss you! I sware Dave and I are taking a trip just to see you one day:)