Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Amy tagged me with this little blogdea:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
: : 10 years ago I was 18 years old and living in Cambridge, England. I was studying foreign political science during the time that Tony Blair was being elected British Prime Minister and the IRA was very active...pretty eye opening for a young and sheltered American student.

Things On My To Do list

: : set up my photography business to be a successful, self-running enterprise

: : travel, travel, travel, and be able to work while i am doing it

: : find a way to shoot lots of destination weddings and have them published

: : find and buy a commercial space where i can put my studio and my husband can have his surfboard business next door

: : surf more

: : do more camping trips with my husband and dogs

: : find a way to split my time between living in So Cal, Hawaii, and the East Coast

: : live in hawaii and have an organic garden and tons of fruit trees

Bad Habits
: : i don't like to clean

: : i love plants but always forget to water them

: : i am on the computer WAY too now, blogging on a beautiful Saturday

Places I have Lived
: : oceanside, ca

: : okazaki, japan

: : santa barbara, ca

: : cambridge, england

: : san francisco, ca

: : malaga, spain

Things Most People Don’t Know About Me
: : i am a vegetarian and was actually raised that way

: : i love to cook and and bake and watch the food network while i work

: : i am an only child but want to have lots of kids someday

: : i love to read and also love audiobooks

: : i am super ambitious and like to have friends who are the same

: : i exercise nearly every day for an hour or 2...either yoga, running, swimming, weight training

I tag you!

: : Summer Hogan

: : LaVonne Zamora

: : Suzanne Hansen

: : Kristy Tootle

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