Wednesday, April 30, 2008

{ella catherine condon}

During our trip to Costa Rica, we were lucky enough to be able to meet up with some of our friends who live on the Big Island, Hawaii and are from Doug's hometown in New Jersey. It was so nice to stay with them, thanks so much for the hospitality, we had a great time! CJ, Nina, their daughter Ella, and their cousin rented a house in Dominical for a month and a half just to take a little break and spend quality time with their daughter. I think this is such an amazing thing for a young family to do. Those first years with a new baby are some of the most precious and they go by so quickly. The house they rented was up on top of one of the peaks overlooking the Dominical coastline and was surrounded by Costa Rican jungle. It was truly peaceful. Here are a few of the pictures I took of Ella, she is a very sweet and happy baby and I am sure that their upbringing is the reason why.

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