Tuesday, May 20, 2008

{let's go green} ABC

I recently had the pleasure of attending a special "Let's Go Green" event hosted by The Association of Bridal Consultants - this is a group of SoCal wedding professionals from all areas of San Diego County and the meetings always offer continuing education and a great chance to hang out with the talented people we work with on weddings every weekend! The Let's Go Green event was right up my alley because it is something I think is important to make an effort about, and I love to share these cool ideas with my brides:) There were 3 important key points that I wanted to share in green wedding ideas, 1. Location, 2. Catering, and 3. Flowers. Here is some info on the talented vendors who shared a little about their own green efforts!

We met at The San Diego Water Conservation Gardens which is a lovely place to get married in SD if you are focusing on an earth friendly wedding...especially if you live in Southern California! Don't be fooled by those vivid green golf courses everywhere! The Gardens are a prime example of the natural look of Southern California. The Water Conservation Garden has nearly five acres of displays that showcase water conservation through a series of beautiful themed gardens, such as a native plant garden and a vegetable garden, as well as how-to displays such as mulch and irrigation exhibits. We took a little tour of the area and I was really impressed by the beauty and the photo opportunities.

There was a special presentation given by René van Rems floral designer and educator who is originally from Holland. René van Rems is the owner and inspiration behind René van Rems International and author of RENE’S BOUQUETS- A Guide To Euro-Style Hand-Tied Bouquets.

Rene talked about suggestions on how to make weddings more green by using locally grown flowers, not those shipped in from across the world. Flowers from other countries use so much fuel in transport that it really justifies buying organic and local products to your wedding.The arrangements he showed were truly beautiful and creative. I honestly have no talent in this department so I was really impressed. He showed examples of using all different types of containers such as coffee cans, wine, bottles, and even soda cans! I think my favorites were the tea leaf wrapped coffee cans and the sunflower bouquet contained within the trimmed roots of their own stems, beautiful! I also loved his hand-tied bouquets....pretty enough to make your bridesmaids fight over the toss;)

For lunch, we were served a delicious sampling of the dishes offered by the San Diego based company, Eco Caters. It was created by Chef Nicholas Brune and Adam Hiner to bring organic eco-friendly catering to Southern California. It was perfect for me since I am a vegetarian! The food was creative with a great blend of different flavors, and very light and healthy feeling. Eco Caters is dedicated to protecting the earth, the source of the cuisine. They do this through the use of biodegradable products, using only organic foods and buying produce from farms where fair trade practices are used. In addition 2% of the proceeds are donated to organizations supporting renewable energy and a sustainable lifestyle.

There are all kinds of ways to make your wedding more green, the key is just making the effort. You don't have to do everything but a few thoughtful allowances by many people will make a big difference!

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