Monday, July 21, 2008

{tilt shift photography} San Francisco

I had such a great time visiting San Francisco and shooting Jennifer and Chris's wedding. On that trip I also decided to rent a tilt-shift lens for an artistic personal project, you will see some of these photos below. Tilt-Shift Photography is also called Miniature Faking. The lens is frequently used in architectural photography to correct distortion, which rather than create sweet spots of focus keeps an entire frame in focus but minimizes the effects of convergence. I loved the effect and can't wait to practice with it more. I think that when art becomes a career, as it has in my life, it is important to do projects that make me happy for the sake of doing them. Hopefully you will also enjoy some of the architectural details I feel compliment this wedding so well!


Susie Linquist said...

Looks like somebody has been a busy blogger!! :) They are all stunning as usual :)

Juliet said...

I love #3. Classic SF to me. Pushing things up hill. All of them are beautiful.