Thursday, January 3, 2008

{heather moreau of vallentyne photography}

You might be wondering about the 2 different names.....the explaination is pretty easy. I got married! Vallentyne is my maiden name but I have had the business for so long I figured it would be too difficult to change. And come on, Vallentyne?!?! It just screams wedding, so why fight it.

I am an old fashioned girl though and did want to take my husband's last name, Moreau. The change I did make was for my commercial work. This website is now called:

It is a collection of my work in advertising, catalogs, editorial travel, and charity work. The main nonprofit I work for is called "Keep-A-Breast"

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a unique non-profit organization creating plaster forms of the female torso, customized by fine artists and auctioned to raise funding for breast cancer. Their mission is to produce art events that increase breast cancer awareness among young people and benefit breast cancer education, prevention and treatment programs in communities around the world.

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